About Together Wedding Photography and Video

Together Wedding Photography and Video was originally formed in June of 1977. 

Since then much has changed. Technology has advanced greatly and our clients are more experienced and knowledgeable about the photography and videography industries.

Since our inception, we have focused on one thing, customer satisfaction. The process of making sure our customers are 100% satisfied, ensures that everythiing else falls in place. From customer service to the latest equipment, artistic talent and continued education to new ideas and product improvement.

Capturing life's special moments and giving people the opportunity to look back with friends and family is not just a hobby for us. We are a full time service complete with office, studio and artistic/editing rooms.

We encourage you to call or email today to find out how we can help capture your special moments in your life.

History of Together Wedding Photography & Video

As a Husband & wife team, David and Debbie Hurst turned their love of photography into a full time living in June of 1977. 

That is when the company got it's start.  Those that knew David would tell you that he had a wonderful sense of humor, combined with his artistic talent and love of people was his greatest strength.
He began teaching his wife the functions of the camera as well as “How to really see things”. Details most people would just plain miss looking at anything. 

We all remember a time when David lined up carrot slices in the windowsill, and told everyone to really look at them.  I would highly recommend those reading this article to do just that. 
We always believed that a real artist has to feel things from the heart!  It just naturally will transfer to those images seen with the eyes.  Although David believed there are a lot of good artists out there, he also believed very few people felt in their heart, what they took pictures of.  It only makes sense that by nature, photographers feel and see more than other people.
David and Debbie continued to run the studio together in every function.  We worked a lot of long hours in the beginning with little or no money to show for our efforts.  We also knew some day it would come.  We always believed in the philosophy of treating our clients honestly and really listening to them.  What a wonderful career it has been!
In November 1999 David was killed in a car accident on his way to a wedding.  I am from this point forward dedicating the existence and formation of Together Wedding Photography & Video to a wonderful man who loved photography with all his heart. 

The studio is still thriving today because of a truly great teacher.  David, not only taught me, he shared his knowledge with many others.  I will forever be grateful for his hand in life, as well as being my teacher.  His voice is always in my heart and his standards of quality and caring about people still exist in this studio. 
I feel fortunate having the honor of keeping his dream alive, and I invite anyone who is looking for a photographer that carries in their heart a real and genuine care for their clients, you have come to the right place. I had a great teacher!

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